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Found my license, ten bucks, and a bit of my dignity

Good day

Time to end this chapter. 

On less positive notes, I can’t find my license, and I start work the immediate Monday after my Saturday graduation. 


Amsterdam bikes. 

The second picture! How charming! 


Georgian door.


Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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Funny how we all seem to have different views on what self-respect entails


© Alexander Grinberg- Liza, 1920


© Alexander Grinberg- Liza, 1920

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You think you know somebody…well, being deceived is one of the worst things ever. Even if it wasn’t intentional. You know, I guess it’s like in your mind, you create this idealized version of a person in your head, and then it all comes crashing down. Maybe it’s your fault. Maybe you held them up to impossibly high standards. Maybe your eyes were just a little rose-tinted. I guess you do see what you want to see. And then, something happens, and you’re the one left confused and feeling like a blind old fool. 

To be honest, this blog doesn’t really feel like it’s mine anymore. It’s so strange, but I feel like the time I spent away from the blog (was it four months?) made it feel very foreign to me upon return. 

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve changed so much, or maybe it’s just that I want something new. 

I’ve always had trouble with that- a desire for something new, even if whatever I have is perfectly alright. I get bored often, I think. 

In any case, I hardly see the point of keeping a blog that I don’t feel connected to anymore. I don’t want to delete it- blogs are documentation! This is practically my diary of the past three years! But I will probably create a new blog in a month or so. 

And I think that, because in the next few months, my life is going to change quite a bit, it’s important that I close most ties with the former chapter.